What do you do when the house you live in has different political views?  Good question huh?  That’s what I think.  That’s why I am blogging about it.  That’s why you are reading this blog.  That my friend is called a mutual understanding.  Now that we have that out of the way…

My roommate is supporting a certain canidate for a House of Represenatives seat (I think).  This is awesome.  He is involved with what is happening in his community and is concerned with how it should be run.  These are all great things.  Nothing that I would consider to be out of control, and I even comend him for his want for a better community.  The problem is when he brings it to our house.  Now once again I welcome differences in a house, but that is where it needs to stay.  I personaly want to vote for the other person.  Not out of spite, just feel the other canidate is the better choice.  Simple.

My roommate supports his canidate so much that he went out and got one of those political signs to show his support for his canidate, and put it in our front yard.  This action in my mind makes it look to the “passer-byer” that the entire house supports the canidate.  This is obviously not true.  At least one other person wants to vote the other way.  Now I dont think that me going out and getting a sign for my canidate and putting it in our yard would be mature.  He is making it seem that we all support him.  We all dont.  In fact my other roommate agrees with me on this subject, but when you try to talk to “daddy” (see previous post) he wont listen.  His way or the highway.  Bullshit in my mind.  But the sign remains in our front yard, letting people know that our house is a supporter of genocide, raping, drug use, and everything else that that canidate COULD stand for.  Live long and Prosper!



2 responses to “VOTE OR DIE!!

  1. Stuart, I definitely agree with you on your feelings about the touchy subject. Sometimes I think that political conversations should just be left alone. My friend is such a die-hard Democrat that I honestly don’t see her voting Republican for anything. That and my whole family votes Republican, pretty much down the board. I’m the odd-ball, I try to vary it up, vote for the better candidate which this year just happened to not be from the catchy “Boston Tea Party.” Hopefully your roommate’s candidate loses and then you won’t have to hear about it anymore.

    Although, I do wonder if those are the extreme cases or if those are some of the things the candidate overlooks in the world?

  2. Two of my three roommates were strong supporters for a certain candidate this election. My other roommate and myself were supporters for a different candidate. Instead of getting into heated arguments over who is better, blah, blah blah, we made it seem like we were going to vote for their candidate, but when it came time to vote, we secretly “cancelled” their votes. They still have no idea.

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