hello roommate? want to bond?

Blog time again.  now this blog is not as fun as I once thought.  I used to have such a good time doing these, and was always on top of the deadline to get them done.  The past couple of weeks I have struggled to do them on time, or even do them at all.  But I need to get back on track…For my grade, and all the lovly readers out there that I know are soooo sad without my presious blog.

What are somethings that every roommate in th house can enjoy?  What are the couple things that as roommates you get together for a time of laughing, converstaion, hugging, bonding?  These are the activities that a house must decide on to be able to have a healthy relationship.  May I offer some suggestions?  Well  am going to anyway…

1. Boardgames- not just for children and akward family renuions anymore.  A good game of Candy Land can really jump start a relationship between roommates.

2. Social Drinking- Now when I say social drinking I dont mean sipping on some red wine throughout the night.  I am talking about getting a handle of Jim Beam and drinking it as fast as you can.  This has many advantages and very few disadvantages.  For one, you will be hammered, and so will everyone else.  Drinking that much bourbon that fast usually results in fighting, which is a healthy thing for any relationship.  It gets all the anger out on the table and lets face it you will be so wasted that a punch to the face wont even hurt…till tomorrow.

3. Play pranks on other roommates- This can be a fun and simple thing to build unity.  Some pranks include: putting hand of sleeping roommate into warm water (they piss themselves), putting 1000’s of dixie cups full of water all througout their room (very inconvient), and lastly putting fecal matter into a zip lock back and putting it on their pillow (classic).

These are just a few things that we as roommates at our house bond. I hope you take some of these suggestions to heart.  Live Long and Prosper



5 responses to “hello roommate? want to bond?

  1. Wow, those really do sound like great ways to get some real good roommate bonding done. The best part is that you can really combine all three into one night of fun. Though loosing at candy land while drunk could also result in a fight.

  2. Some great ideas. I didn’t know about the hand in warm water, does that actually work?? As for the social drinking, how can you go wrong with a little Jimmy. Fun site.

  3. STUEY: I think these are great suggestions. I do believe you are an expert at all. The best game to play is catch phrase while drinking and sneaking off to do pranks. Just don’t play girlfriends against roommates who have known each other forever…:-/ ps I know the gf’s have suffered a great loss to the team but it’s all ok and to be honest we sucked so I’m glad to not there to loose anymore bc I am way too competitive and I hate loosing to losers anyways! ok…so nice blog and see you later.

  4. Thanks for the advice on roommate bonding. I am going to have to try some of the pranks, the fecal matter in a bag sounds like the best one! Im with Courtney, i might try to do them all in one night resulting in a great bonding experience.

  5. Wow. I’m kind of glad I’m not your roommate if you’ve ever done any of those pranks! I do like the whole “social drinking” comment though! “A punch in the face won’t hurt until tomorrow.” I definitely like the comedic flavor you brought to your blog entry.

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