Who are you? And what are you doing on my couch?

Ever ask that question?  Pretty good question when you have no flippin’ idea who is sitting next to you on your couch.  Now you probably dont go right out and ask the person in question this right out.  But I am sure subtle hints are dropped to make this person introduce themselves.

This type of thing happens all the time in my house.  This type of thing will never stop in my house, because of certain choices one of my roommates makes on a daily basis.  Now what is the proper action to be had for my roommate in these situations?  Does he introduce me to every single person that drops by that I dont know?  Or since so many people stop by should this turin into something that I sould do?  Should I introduce myself to these people?  Lots of questions.  Lots of possiblities.

Personaly this is how I feel the situation should be delt with.  If a person is going to come into my house, first it is THEIR resonsibilty to come introduce themselves the people that live there.  Plain and simple.  You look like an ass if you walk into a house full of roommates and are just going to talk to the one person that you know.  Come on.  If this is someone that is going to hang around for…I would say…15 minutes then the resonsibility falls on the person whom invited the said individual over.  This was kinda a dumb subject to talk about, but you know what…you read it, and I am glad for it.Live long and prosper



3 responses to “Who are you? And what are you doing on my couch?

  1. This happens at my house all the time. Last week we had some random kid who no one knew come in and pass out with blanket and all on our couch. We kicked him out of course but if randoms come in sober I usually make the effort myself with an introduction. But yes some times it is weird to have a random person sitting there in your house and not speaking to you.

    This blog is very interesting, it seems that most college house holds have the same type of problems and situations. Thanks for writing about college home life

  2. Stuey!! I like when people walk into my house or really anywhere and straight up take the initiative to introduce themselves. I can imagine with the choices your roommates make that you have to deal with this all the time. If I were you I would train the dogs to attack when a person comes in and does not say hi I am….Mary Jane….So nice to meet you all. ok live loooong and prosperrrrr

  3. Oh yes, a new goal for the day. Bringing over new people to confuse my roommate. As the person who probably does this the most in my apartment I sympathize with you.

    However, when I go to someone else’s place I tend to be shy around new people. Maybe your roommate’s friends have the same problem. I’m much more comfortable talking to the people I know unless I develop an instant rapport with the other people. Last night I just talked sports with one of my roommate’s friends and it turned out very well. It just doesn’t seem to happen that often, ya know?

    Maybe that’s the same situation as you have. Either way, I wish you good luck!

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