Daddy Knows Best!

So, its 3:30 on friday.  Sitting here wondering what to write about this week in the wonderful blog about my roommates.  Many ideas are running through my head, for example I could discuss about the courteous time in which to refrain from having sex in the house because of paper-thin walls.  Or I could talk about the struggle that ensues when determining what the official “house rules” are for beer pong.  These just seem like small unimportant struggles that really don’t require a 500 word blog post to talk about.  That is why now (that I only have 300 more words to type) I am going to talk about…How to go about getting approval to throw a party.

Now you are probably asking yourself…”self, why would stuart have to ask permission to throw a party in his own house?  I mean he pays the most amount of the rent.  Why would he need the approval of the other two in the house?”

Great question.  Not so simple answer.  As with anything in the world majority rules, so even if I wanted to throw a party I would at least need the approval of one.  Just to be courteous.  Now that is not the problem because one of my roommates, is always down to get “f-ed up!”.  At this point any normal house in the college town setting would go on ahead and throw the party.  Mine is a little different.  The roommate in question…Obi Won (I know I probably spelt that wrong,  get over it!)  is what we like to call daddy.  People don’t like to piss off daddy, and when the people in daddy’s house do something that daddy does not approve of…shit hits the fan, and daddy shuts down. Not fun for the people involved.

This is what I suggest to people that live with daddy.  Daddy probably gets his way more times than not inside the house, and sometimes probably doesn’t taken into account the other people living in the house when dealing with his associates.  Daddy can take a chill pill sometimes, and let his hair down (hair down is very relevant in this case).  I think the daddies in this world are just very happy in their own worlds and something like a party that they did not come up with is something that makes them feel uncomfortable.  They want to have complete control of everything in their lives, and as soon as something is not in their control, they fight their hardest to regain control.  A party is a perfect example, as far as in this house, of something that our daddy had no control of and it did not sit well for him.  He just sat on the couch and watched TV as all his friends had a good time around him.  It was kinda interesting to watch him deal with this situation.  He was very unapproachable to even his closest friends.  He later did forget about the party and moved on with his life, as we all did, but the party is just one example of daddy not getting his way, and the rest of the house suffering the repercussions from it.

Live long and prosper.



2 responses to “Daddy Knows Best!

  1. Stuart,

    I have never lived with a daddy. But I do feel the effects of one when I am trying to go to other peoples places to party and they never know what they are going to do. Daddy you’d think would be down to party especially when daddy likes to get down all day every day on his own medicine. But it happens… Glad you got your party on. You know whats funny is when you have very good drunken chats about how you didn’t like someone but now you love them…. 🙂 Good luck with daddy in the future

  2. I understand the problem with the “daddy” roommate, i think we’ve all had them and they are a pain in the ass…I just did what you did, and threw the party anyways, i knew he would get over it.

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