My Roommates…

I have two roommates. These two gentleman have shared a roof with me together for the past two years. One of these fellows I have lived with for three years. They are big Star Wars fans and insist on calling themselves Anaken and Obi Won while they play light sabors, or whatever it is they do… together…upstairs…in the dark…naked. Ok I take that back, the lights are probably on. Anywho, sticking with that knowledge I will forever refer to these two by those names, Anaken and Obi Won.

Anaken I have lived with for three years. He is small, yet he makes up for it with his uncaney ability to take up room on the couch. See Anaken needs to find a job. Most of us do. But, Anaken’s only real job here where we currently reside was a pizza boy, but then that place went out of business. Sad day with the force when that happened. Anaken is an EMT. So until all his paper work is in line and he can pass a little test (not the kind using paper and a pen) I expect to find him sitting smack dab in front of the HD television waiting for the next episode of the “Dog Whisperer” to come on.

Obi Won is a gentle soul whose main objective in life right now is to shoot under par at the prestigious city golf course. He aint bad, but just hasn’t quite made the cut for the PGA Tour. Actaully, I take it back being that he has now come to sit next to me at the computer and is talkin’ shit…he is a pussy, and sucks at golf. Hurt…Murked…Put ’em in the Dirt! Your not God’s gift to the golfing world, so get over it. Obi is currently trying to graduate as am I, and it definitely helps to have a roommate with the same major as you. Sharing books, and notes comes in handy when you make your only appearance in the library two days before the final.

I think that covers what I needed to say in this, the first post to my beautiful blog. live long and prosper, or something like that.



3 responses to “My Roommates…

  1. Dealing with roommates has been one on the most frustrating, best experiences of my life. I’m looking forward to hearing about all the good times. Love the Yoda pic

  2. Dear Stuart,
    I like your first ever blog. I am so glad our dream of being bloggers came true. I love Star Wars and your roommates sound awesome. I think Star Wars is the best ever made movie, I do believe your roommates and I would get along just splendid.
    I would love to hear about the struggles you have with your roommates. I know I’ve been through my fair share of crazy roommates and the struggles were hard to resolve. It can take a while to adjust to living on your own then with roommates and going to a brand new school. It must be nice living with the same people. Change can be hard, but I have also lived with my one roommate Katie for 4 years now.
    Good luck with your senior year, I can’t wait to hear more of your roommates stories and what everyone is up to.

  3. Anaken = Anakin
    Obi Won = Obi-Wan
    light sabors = lightsabers


    Other those little spelling errors I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a unique style that makes for an interesting read. Keep it up.

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